some tough runs & hello saucony kinvara!

Last week I was bound and determined to do all of my running outside. It was absolutely gorgeous so running outside was an absolute treat! I am for sure guilty of spending WAY. TOO. MUCH. time on the treadmill in January & February. Which, looking back, all that time on the treadmill was making running a TAD too easy for me. Like I was forgetting how to run outside… that’s SO SAD. Anyways, last weeks training came in at 37.7 miles up from 16.1 miles the previous week (thanks sickness). Personally, 37 is looking really dang sad at this point in my training for Colorado Marathon. Although, I did put a LOT of work, sweat & blood (NO TEARS!!! yayyyy little victories!) into last week… let’s just take a look!

Sunday: 6 miles at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! What better way to explore!

&& yes, that’s the lululemon top i wanted for my birthday!

used my birthday $$, thanks dad!

Monday: off

Tuesday: 8 miles at Wash Park! I had every intention of going to Waterton Canyon.. however this conversation with Luke happened…

I’ve gone from worrying about being attacked by shady characters in the city of Houston to being a tasty little cat snack! So, on that note, I drove north about 25 minutes for an 8 mile run. ;) :)

Wednesday: 5.5 miles at Green Mountain with Laurie doing MOUNTAIN REPEATS! That was no joke. I have a LOT of work ahead of me when it comes to this workout. my. goodness. gracious. In those 5.5 miles there was 1,750 ft of gain. Talk about kicking my butt! I’m glad Laurie let me chase her! Afterwards I drove home to let the dog out for a bit, then headed over to Runners Roost where I ran another 3.1 miles with my friend / team mate Abby! It was probably my most difficult three miles to date. My legs were BEAT!

Thursday: off.

Friday: 4 (what felt like slow) technology free, beautiful miles on the Highline Canal.

Saturday: 11.1 miles at Wash Park. This run was interesting. My legs felt like dead weight. I’m assuming they were still beyond beat from Wednesday. To make matters even more interesting, I was also having some shoe issues (get to that in a moment) so I opted to wear my Brooks Defynace 4’s… which are the heaviest shoes I own. I think a mix of these things may have contributed to the little spill I took at mile 5…

As quickly as I had superman-ed it. I popped back up on to my feet. Put my hands on my head, took in a big deep breath to shake away that moment of shock, then kept running. It didn’t hurt, just scared me a little. The sweat that got into it & cleaning it up hurt more than the spill itself. I was honestly hoping to get a much longer run in.. but with the dead legs, aching feet & stinging wounds.. I decided to try again the next day.

*the next run isn’t included in the mileage, but I’m beyond PLEASED/PROUD with it so I’m going to share!*

Sunday: 17.5 miles at Waterton Canyon/Colorado Trail with Luke … 2,171 ft of elevation gain! bing bang boom, I’m one happy lady! There was an AWESOME AWESOME head wind for the first 6 miles.. however after having raced in ridiculous wind, running in it now is definitely not as discouraging as it used to be. WIND HAPPENS Y’ALL. If you’re lucky.. sometimes you get to run with it, but unforunately I find a tail wind extremely rare. Pretty sure most of us do!

the wind blown face.

can’t you tell i love that top?


So, after running the Canyonlands 1/2 marathon, my feet were SUPER sensitive. I had a blister forming on my left foot, my toenails were hurting… even before then I was having SUPER tight/sore calves constantly. Once home, I decided to give my beloved Pure Connects a break. Maybe just do shorter runs/races in them. I went back to my Saucony Mirages for the week, however quickly discovered that they weren’t quite big enough anymore…. the tips of my toes were at the very end of the shoe not leaving much room at all. My toenails were pretty unhappy…. that being the reason I ran in my Defyance 4’s on Saturday… which I’m really not a fan of anymore but at least they were the correct size.

Saturday afternoon,  Luke and I went into Runners Roost to try the next 1/2 size up in the Mirages. (well, now they are the mirage 2). However, the next 1/2 size up was HUGE… entirely too big. The gap between the two sizes was kind of puzzling. I was a little bummed, because I really didn’t know what to do next… or which shoe to turn to.

I told Marissa (the associate) the issues I have with my feet.. what I like in a shoe.. what I don’t like.. etc. I felt really bad…. because it was a pretty extensive list. She suggested the 1/2 size up in the Saucony Kinvara 2’s. That really the only BIG difference between the two is that the Mirages have that flexible medial support (which I needed BADLY at the time I first got them) & are a SMIDGE heavier than the Kinvara. The Mirages weigh in at 8.0 oz where the Kinvaras come in at 6.7 oz.

I figured the Kinvara 2 sounded like a pretty good solution.. they fit well & from what I could tell in the short amount of time I spent on the treadmill at the store seemed to feel pretty good. Well.. as g0od as a shoe could feel with an untaped blister && angry toenails.

welcome to the family!

17.5 miles on Sunday was MORE than enough time to get acquainted with them. Pavement, gravel, dirt, snow, ice.. you name it && the shoe performed perfectly! They felt absolutely fantastic! Which says a lot when you are running on this:

ps: thank you nick && laurie for the 101 course on blister care this wknd!

She also shared with me that the Kinvara 3 && a trail version would be coming out soon!! I already knew about the Kinvara 3’s thanks to Dorothy! I’m crossing my fingers this is a shoe I can actually stick with for a while.

fun fact: I tried two new gels this weekend!

My stomach still entirely loathes GU, no matter how delicious the flavor! However, although EXTREMELY sweet the Honey Stinger gel is an absolute WIN!

4 thoughts on “some tough runs & hello saucony kinvara!

  1. I really like my Kinvara 2’s, the only problem I have is wondering how long they are going to last. I have over 150 miles on them and the soles are showing pretty significant wear and the mesh over the top is starting to get some tears in the fabric. Other than those 2 issues I really like them a LOT. I have run more double-digit runs in then any shoe in a long time (Saucony Dixons from a long time ago).

  2. Holy hills! I didn’t realize your hills were that big!! Way to go!!

    And don’t stress about mountain lions, my dear :) I usually just tie a few bells to my shoe laces (or my bike, depending) and the noise keeps them away. Or at least, I have never seen one! Besides, I think you are so speedy that you could outrun them anyway!

  3. LOVE your lululemon top!! Can we have it?? =) Girl you are a-reakin’-mazing with your mountain repeats! We want to be like you when we grow up fo real! We love, love, love the new blog look too! And now we are curious about the dang Saucony Kinvaras now that we’ve read about them on Dorothy’s blog and your blog!

  4. Hi Courtney,

    I’ve had my pair of Kinvara 2 for a bit over a month and I really like them. Because of the reduced heel-to-toe drop compared to my previous shoes, I’ve had to rotate them in slowly. Only have 66 miles on them even though I’ve done ~155 miles since I got them. Noticed achilles tightness when running multiple consecutive days in them. Definitely something you should watch out for, though if you’ve run in Pure Connect and Mirage quite a bit already, then you should be ready from the get-go. Also, I think the Pure Connect are quite narrow, so hopefully switching shoes will eliminate the blister problem. My wife (who is running the Colorado Half) is fighting blisters right now, so I know they’re a serious issue.

    Good luck training for the Colorado Marathon. I’m planning to build up to 13 miles in my Kinvaras so I can run the Horsetooth Half in them here in a few weeks. :-) Hope your transition is faster than mine.


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