3m 1/2 marathon race recap – the PR that shines the brightest!

My alarm goes off at 4 am. I lay in bed for a minute or two. RACE DAY! I then get up and head over to get ready for the big morning. It really is entirely absurd for me to wake up almost THREE HOURS before a race start. However, I feel most level headed, focused and ready when I have a ridiculous amount of time to piddle around and get all my ducks in a row.

I always expect that on race mornings I’ll have an extra spring in my step. For Portland Marathon I sure did… but not this one. Even though I was SUPER AMPED for the race, nothing felt right…physically. My whole body just felt a little off. Especially my stomach. During this time, I got dressed, ate breakfast, stretched, listened to as much ke$ha as I possibly could, danced around a little bit..

 pre race fuel. oatmeal. half cup of coffee. water.

(one of these days, i’ll remember a spoon)

Luke finally decided to get up at around 6:00. If it’s one thing I’ve noticed, he ALWAYS has to basically get me ready for a race at home.. but when we are out of town… the roles are definitely reversed. As he is getting ready, I’m getting EXTREMELY nervous about my stomach not cooperating. We leave the hotel around 6:15 am. I read in other race reports (and 3M confirmed themselves) the start line can be kinda nuts. aka: don’t expect to use the port-a-potties if you don’t show up early! Our hotel was so super close to the start that I eliminated that issue by leaving LATER. Luke made a point to drop me off far enough from the start, that I could run to the start line and use it as my warm-up. This worked nicely.

I arrived to the start line with about ten minutes to spare. Race start would be at 6:45 am. With about 6,000 runners expected there were no corrals. Instead, they had pace groups and you were to line up as close as you could with the pacers. I decided to jump in between the 1:40 and 1:45 pace group. So there I stood. I was dressed in my speed shorts, tank top, arm warmers and throw away gloves.. freezing my ass off. It was a notch below 40 at the start. I knew that once we started running I’d warm up pretty quickly. I looked around and felt bad for the people bundled up in jackets, tights and anything else associated with winter running. They were definitely over dressed. Even though they probably felt bad for me… standing there.. by myself.. shivering.

Race start. It didn’t take too long to get up to the start line. Of course it started slow as expected, but I wasn’t too concerned, from the recaps I had read if you were going to take any of the miles a little on the slower side it would be in the beginning.  As I crossed the start line and hit my garmin I noticed they were playing “Enter Sandman” by Metallica over the loudspeaker. UGH. #$%$#. I absolutely 100% entirely LOATHE Metallica, for my own personal reasons. I thought to myself, “If this is a preview as to how my race is going to go, I’m so toast.” I let that shake from my brain by thinking, well.. at least it’s “Enter Sandman”.. their one song I may have liked a little at one point in my life.

Then I started focusing on getting to my goal pace. The plan was to run the first 1/2 of the race between 7:50-8:00 min miles, then to burn it down at whatever I could dish out for the last 1/2. Okay, that’s a lie. Originally, going into this race I just planned to run it at marathon race pace for Colorado Marathon, which is 7:56-8:00. I changed my plan probably the minute after I publicized my goals for 3m.

mile 1: 7:48

After mile 1 any worries of me having stomach issues diminshed from my thoughts. My legs were moving, my stomach was settled and I was feeling awesome!

mile 2: 7:43

mile 3: 7:51

I was feeling really good! I ditched my gloves somewhere around mile 3. While I’m thinking about it, there were water stops every 2 miles on the course, I took water at each one. I’m not sure how much of it actually made it in my mouth.

mile 4: 8:02

mile 5: 7:56

*insert gel consumption here*

mile 6: 7:50

At which points I started seeing my family on the course is a little hazy! All I know, I SAW THEM A TON!!!! <3 I knew I was supposed to see my Dad first around mile 4, however we must have JUST missed each other. The first person I saw was Luke :) He was cheering me on and taking pictures. I screamed out, “WHERE IS MY DAD?!” to which he replied, “He’s here! I promise!”

One of the things that actually MADE this whole race for me was the fact that MY WHOLE FAMILY came to spectate! :D I was a little worried about my dad getting to the right places at the right times, because it was his first time spectating a race.

Honestly, this whole race is a blur to me! While I was running I was trying to take it all in. To remember every mile I saw them at, remember what I heard them cheer. However, I REALLY REALLY REALLY had to focus on NOT crying everytime I saw them. My heart felt like it was going to explode with happiness. Like I said, I saw my mom, sister, dad and Luke several times! Screaming their faces off! :D My sister is probably the EASIEST person to spot when running a race. Aside from her cheering, she is probably the most stylish spectator EVER!

It was at this point I started remembering the quotes of my team mates!

“The best pace, is a suicide pace && today looks like a good day to die.” -from Heather

“Drop it like it’s hotttt!” -Amy

Granted.. I don’t have the balls to run a suicide pace yet.. unless it’s like the last .XX of the race.. but I mean, I’ll kick it up a notch!

mile 7: 7:48

mile 8: 7:32

mile 9: 7:35

*insert gel consumption here*

mile 10: 7:53

Luke says that this video was around mile 9. I thought it was sooner. This was taken by my amazing sister! You can hear my family cheering! :D

I was a little unsatisfied with my mile 10 split. Then I remembered… BETH && TEAL ARE AT THE FINISH LINE !!!!

mile 11: 7:35

mile 12: 7:26

mile 13: 7:20

mile .16: 6:43 (not too shabby for an uphill finish)

I crossed the finish line! Giving me an official time of 1:41:29 brand spankin new PR by over 8 minutes! I stopped to catch my breath. I was shocked when I wasn’t gasping or dying for air. It’s so nice to be able to race AND breathe! Racing in Colorado is a whole different ball game when it comes to that… for me.  

I knew I had smoked my time goal. I started running again. Straight to Beth and Teal who were passing out medals! I was so excited they could be there and share that moment! I’m pretty sure I almost knocked Beth over when I slammed into her for a hug!

 this awesome picture was taken by Teal!

 Shortly after I found my family! I greeted them with tears and hugs the size of Texas!

 seesters <3

 proud poppa :) i literally jumped into his arms!

the man i can never seem to thank enough : )

excuse the “post race excitement expression” that’s plastered all over my face.

This PR and race will forever shine the brightest of them all. I know I have many races ahead of me, however you can’t compete with having the people you love the most being there to cheer you on. You can never beat how good it feels to see their beautiful faces while doing something you have such a great passion for. Sharing it with them.. knowing you could maybe run the worst race of your life and they would still be just as proud of you. I really can’t put into words how much this race will forever mean to me. All I know is that in my heart, it will always shine the brightest.

Okay, I guess I can set the sentimental stuff aside FOR JUST A SECOND.

Thoughts on the race: I enjoyed every little inch of this race! Luke and I will definitely be returning to run it in 2013. The course is absolutely amazing. It is notorious for being a quick course.. however, you still put a decent amount of work into it.

Alot of the course does wind through residential areas. Which is actually pretty cool, because you have a nice handful of absolute strangers sitting outside on their front lawns  cheering, drinking beer & playing acoustic guitars/singing. Austin is such a great place. : D

The race was sold out and capped at 6,000 runners. I think a little under 5,000 actually ended up running it. Which is REALLY unfortunate for those who didn’t run it because… uhm, you basically missed out on a KILLER race.

i love the medal!

my official details!

side note*If I missed anything in my race recap as far as information goes, please let me know!*

After the race, we went to brunch and then headed back to Brittany’s house with my dad, step mom, both sisters, Josh && Luke.

my sisters. my heart. my best friends.

Goodbyes came too quickly. After dad left, mom stopped by one more time. She also showed me a few HIGHLY addicting apps for the iPad… Before we headed to the airport, we stopped at Austin Java for one last final visit with Beth and Teal.

Like I said before I could NOT have asked for a better trip home to Texas. My family, friends, the race. It was all PERFECT. I’m a very lucky lady.

29 thoughts on “3m 1/2 marathon race recap – the PR that shines the brightest!

  1. weeee! you are so fast- I cant wait to run with you so you can make me faster! :)

    Also, races where your family is all over the course are something very, very special. I cried every single time I heard my family cheering during Ironman- It would have been so much harder to finish that race had they not been there!

  2. So much to love about this recap! You did GREAT out there and we are so thankful that we got to be a part of this race experience! I sure hope the two of us are back in 2013 at 3M to race it! eeeeeee!!!

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