engagement pictures! :D

We can FINALLY check engagement photos off the list!  Back  in Houston I have ENDLESS connections to photographers.. here.. not so much! Has anybody checked the price of photographers lately? GOODNESS GRACIOUS! It is flat out absurd! I saw some AMAZING websites with great pictures… however most of them cost MORE than our venue. That’s a little steep! At the same time it also seems like TONS of people have nice cameras these days …which apparently if you have a nice camera that means you are a photographer? WRONG. I was afraid of picking somebody that fell into that category and wasting our money.

Fortunately for us I have a pretty DECENT camera. The Nikon d3000. One of my bridesmaids, Heather, who is Luke’s sister also just so happens to LOVE taking pictures. We figured—perfect! We headed up too the mountains on Sunday morning for our photo session, didn’t have to go too far actually… ended up at Lair O’ the Bear park! Worked perfectly!  ***Fun fact :: NONE of these pictures are photo shopped. Colorado is really this colorful during the fall.*** ***We may go back & touch up a few pictures… BUT THOSE YELLOW LEAVES ARE THE REAL DEAL Y’ALL!***

There were so many pictures to choose from! However these are ultimately my favorite! Heather did such a great job! I’m so happy with the way these turned out!

…anddddd of course you know we can’t be serious for too long….

18 thoughts on “engagement pictures! :D

  1. LOVE!!! super cute!! can you come plan my wedding now too? you guys are crossing wedding things off your list, left and right! we are still looking for an (AFFORDABLE) venue/date… and everything else haha.

  2. Loved this weekend. I won’t lie, we look good! :D haha

    Can’t wait to keep crossing things off the list, we’re doing great with this planning thing!

  3. Love, love, love all the photos, buy my favorite one is of you all in your running gear and Luke’s arm wrapped around you, suuuuuper cute! You guys are two peas in a pod, super cute!!!

  4. ohhh love love it! i wanna take some pics now lol.. you guys are too cute together! looks like something in a GAP catalog! ;)

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