2nd 20 miler & first time marathon nerves!

So, this last 20 miler—COMPLETE turn around from my first! I am so so so so SO pleased with it! After the first one, I really had my tail between my legs. Ran it smart! Stuck to my routines that work! Fueling and hydrating the day before, sticking to the same oatmeal, chia seeds && honey as my pre long run meal, fueling with my old faithful Hammer gels during & coconut water for recovery!

This was my first long run without Luke! YES—I had to carry my own hand helds, it went very well! However, I didn’t have to run it alone! I did the first 15 miles with a new friend, Robin! She’s pretty neat! The week before I noticed we basically ran THE EXACT SAME 14 MILERS! She’s going to school in NY, but is here visiting family! We met up around 7:30 am on Saturday at Fox Hollow Golf Course. She is a little more familiar with that area than I am, she rides her bike over there with her dad all the time! So she mapped up a loop for us! However, one thing neither us seemed to look at..was ELEVATION. UFF!

The first 8 miles were ALL UP HILL! No joke! Seriously 500+ft of gain! They did not quit! It didn’t flatten out or cut us any slack until after mile 8. At about mile 3 we both started noticing that this uphill was going to keep going for a while. She apologized…however I’m actually pretty glad she mapped the route she did! It was AWESOME for training. Even though IT WAS THE HILLIEST LONG RUN OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! Curious as to how it compared to my marathon course.. I googled it. There is 432 ft worth of gain through out the Portland Marathon….over a span of TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES! After finding that out…I was more okay with this “buns of steel” long run mission! She had 15 miles on deck & I had 20…seeing her break away was TOUGH! However, it didn’t take much motivation to finish the last 5.

First 20 miler – 3:19 (9:56 pace) filled with cramps, barf && plenty o tears

Second 20 miler – 3:12 (9:36 pace) no cramps, barf or tears!

I still have two SUPER long runs left and am very excited for them ….what a freak…who says that?! ;)

First time marathon nerves :

I was reading reviews for Portland Marathon and from what I read apparently the corrals / start is RIDICULOUS. A lot of people were assigned into corrals that were WAYYY behind their estimated finish time? Some people got STUCK behind others and couldn’t set into their pace for the first THREE MILES?! The streets at the start are super narrow?!

What the?! *insert nerves here*

Finishing isn’t an option. I know I’ll finish. It’s just my goal finish time–it’s pretty specific. In my first half marathon I got stuck behind people for the first 1-2 miles and I KNOW it added a significant amount of time. Le Sigh. We’ll see how it goes.

Good thing I was awesome at climbing/ jumping/dodging/running as a child…it’ll make jumping corrals a lot easier ;) KIDDING…kinda.. ;)

Last year–apparently it rained the entire race.. meh–I’ve run in quite a bit of rain since I moved to CO-no big!

Haha- Okay, I guess I don’t have that many nerves about it. JUST THE START!

What were some of your nerves or worries for your first marathon? How did your first 20 miler go compared to your second? What’s the longest run you have during your marathon training?

7 thoughts on “2nd 20 miler & first time marathon nerves!

  1. Awesome post! It was such a fun LR despite the ridiculous elevation haha. Hopefully we’ll run again soon!! Have fun in Leadville this wknd :)

  2. I used to run all those hills, sooo much fun! :P Glad you two got it done tho.

    As for Portland, you got this thing. Just have to get out of your head and run the damn thing! :)

  3. I agree with Luke whole heartedly. Nothing will replace the magic of your first marathon — even if it sucks. My first 26.2? Projectile vomiting, crawling on the ground (no joke), walking, limping, totally confused, but totally empowering. Time: 5:12. Not at all what I was expecting, but I was still SO proud that I finished that bad boy. Who cares about times when it’s your FIRST marathon?! Just go out and have FUN with it! The less you stress about it, the more fun and better you’ll do :) You got this, girl!!

  4. Way to go Court! 20 seconds is hella crucial! My longest run was 22 (just once) and for the race I just had a mantra that I repeated to myself and knew I was ready to be successful!

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