Same Book. New Story.

I interrupt this quarterly life lately update/6 month past due race report schedule to finally bring you something that doesn’t involve me mentioning wanting to dry heave my mighty oats at a start line or an unattached life update in bullet point format. Over the last year I’ve turned over the idea if I wanted to start blogging again many… More Same Book. New Story.

Silver Rush 50

Standing at the start line of Silver Rush 50 I could feel nervousness vibrating throughout my entire body. That sensation had started well before the start line, and choking down my oatmeal at breakfast had been quite the chore. There may have been a struggle with a few dry heaves. Eventually I gave up on… More Silver Rush 50

life lately

Well, hello there friends. I keep promising that I’ll post more often, or delete this thing entirely, and I can’t seem to commit to either of them. I renewed the blog for another year, so please enjoy your quarterly update…

Mt. Werner 50k

I was dying to get back out there sooner than later and waiting another 1.5 months for another crack at SOMETHING  after my second DNF of the summer just seemed too far off to figure things out and “make it right.”