a life hiccup & refocusing on houston marathon.

Luke and I have officially been in Steamboat for a full year! We absolutely love our small town life and feel so grateful to live where we do. Life’s not too shabby when you wake up to this each morning…


I’ve spent the last two hours typing and re-typing the next paragraph. I then realized that in the past I’ve really shared every. little. detail. of my life. Is that really necessary? Probably not. I will admit there have been some BIG hiccups in life the last two weeks. Hiccups that we essentially had no control over by any means. The only thing we could control was our reaction…

Unfortunately one of my reactions was to push back my marathon training by a week. Not my original intention.. but that’s just kind of what happened. I still ran, but I didn’t really enjoy it… I felt unfocused and wanted to be doing anything else other than running. I then beat myself up that it was so unlike me to be so lax and unfocused about marathon training… especially during the FIRST WEEK.

So my 14 week training plan has now turned into a 13 week training plan with a 5k & 1/2 marathon scheduled as tune up races. I ran a measly 23.5 miles last week and wrote out some “guidelines” to take note of to help ease me into this 13 week adventure…


I call it a 13 week adventure because I’m feeling a little unsure if that’s enough time to be ready for what I’d like to do at Houston Marathon. Luke tells me I still have a big enough base from this summer, and that I have nothing to worry about… but I mean.. doesn’t that only apply for so long?! I guess we’ll see…

This go round we’re taking a new perspective on the ol’ training plan. For my past marathons my training plans have been very similar. It’s time to try something new! Typically I’m all about spilling my guts about my training… but I think this go round I’d just like to keep quiet  and maybe share what worked or what didn’t work in about 13 weeks time. I know for some of you that sheds a light of hope that my blog will become less obnoxious.. (jk, kind of). No worries.. I’m still just as obnoxious on twitter!

united way turkey trot recap & last CIM long run.

i knew a few weeks ago we were going to be able to go down to denver for a quick trip over thanksgiving. i decided to take advantage of this && find a turkey trot  to use as my last speed work session before CIM. i found the mile high united way turkey trot (4 mile race) in wash park. the course laps around the outside of the park && then ends on the inner loop of wash park. i LOVE running in wash park && i also knew i’d get to see quite a few roost teammates — SOLD! i decided to set a reasonable goal for myself.

seemed like a very reasonable goal to me!

the morning of the race i woke up && still had a nasty cold that i had been battling for about five days. since my cold stayed from my neck up, i decided it was okay to still run a hard effort that day. (even though i sounded like a 50 year old woman named blanche who smokes too much && drinks five cosmos a day).

to avoid a horrendous parking situation, luke && i arrived at the race about an hour && a half early. enough time to park close to the start, pick up our packets && then dink around posting pictures of our bibs on instagram.

when we lined up in the first corral we had already come across quite a few of our friends who were running as well. always a good feeling.

the race starts && i take off way too fast, naturally. i’m running well under a 7 minute mile.  i knew well enough that i wouldn’t be able to hold that pace that day. by the time i reel myself back in i clocked the first mile in 7:02. i was feeling absolutely awesome && decided to just try && hold what i had. i could do that for three miles.

sure, it clearly wasn’t a negative split. but i’m honestly pretty proud of only a 6 second difference from my fastest mile & my slowest mile. also, for a chick with a cold — running a faster pace than my sea level 5k PR for a FOUR mile race is pretty cool to me!

*toot toot*

yeah. tooted my own horn on that one.

official results.

happy lady.

also, a four mile feels just like a 5k… but longer. it’s also 10k face worthy…


luke was pretty pleased with his race as well! we were both kind of unsure what to expect.

two days later we headed back to wash park to get our last “long run” of ten miles in for CIM training. with the construction going on, we would have to run four laps. i decided to alternate my laps between an “easy” && “good” effort. it felt super solid && i was actually getting a thrill from pushing myself harder & harder.

with a great race && some good long runs/speed work the last few weeks, i’m feeling really confident for 26.2!

the two 20 milers – CIM

so i’ve already run both of my planned 20 milers for CIM. the second 20 miler was actually scheduled for next wknd, but needed to bump it up a week because i figured trying to squeeze in a 20 miler && being on call for work next wknd might not be the best of ideas! fluid training plan, see how that works, no stress here!!!

these 20 milers were like night && day from one another.

my first 20 miler was tougher than EITHER of the marathons i’ve run or training run i’ve done. also read as: my slowest training run to date.


i started this one from home. ran the two miles down the mini mountain we live on (which is obvs a breeze running down, but tough as balls to run back up. esp at mile 18 of 20) to the stagecoach reservoir. i had to run with a camelbak because there is no where to refill a handheld out here. hello next-day-sore shoulders. i honestly wanted to stick my thumb out at mile 18 to hitch hike the two miles home – or cry – not even joking. i was flat worn out. definitely didn’t feel like i was training for a road marathon.

my second 20 miler (yesterday) was my best, strongest && fastest training run to date. still on cloud nine about it. we were down in denver for the wknd to wrap up a few more things after the move. figured it would be fun to get my 20 done while we were in town. aka: A LITTLE MORE OXYGEN && HELLO FLATNESS!!! ended up running the “old faithful” route. from REI, up cherry creek, lapping wash park forever && then back. where i did all of my long runs when training for portland marathon 2011.


20 miler number one starting at 7,800 ft
3:13:59 avg pace = 9:49
elevation gain = 1,109 ft
fuel: 3 vanilla clif shots, 1 blueberry larabar (this chick was hungry okay?!)

20 miler number two starting at 5,280 ft
2:43:28 avg pace = 8:10
elevation gain = 224 ft
fuel: 2 vanilla clif shots, 1 apple cinnamon hammer

my legs felt absolutely destroyed after the first 20. it took me almost all week to rehab them. i ended up taking three rest days last week. absolutely no muscle soreness after the second 20 miler. even ended up with 40 miles for the week with three off days, neato dorito!!!

i’m thankful to have been able to run in denver this wknd. even though my spirits are good about running in steamboat, it’s very tough (for me ). example: doing what used to be an easier paced speed workout, now ends with a vom sesh. guess it means i’m ditching out a good effort in this mountain town. this past wknd gave me a much clearer picture of what i’m maybe capable of running at CIM.

will you be seeing a goal post from me for CIM. nope. just happy to be running healthy.

for anyone keeping track i also finished out october with 136.2 miles!

my(& maybe yours)midweek motivation && marathon training.

midweek motivation:

1. This past weekend, my dear & lovely friend Rai (MISS YOU SO STINKIN MUCH) posted this on my wall on Saturday… I was totally blown away by this. At the very end all I could say was “DAMN” && instantly got goosebumps…


2. Later in the day, I was skimming through flipboad on our iPad, which Luke added Runner’s World to, && came across Mr. Gibbard’s love with running.

Note: to all my hipster / alternative lifestyle friends… if Ben Gibbard can run a marathon.. or quit boozing & slap on some running shoes… YOU CAN TOO! ps: I also giggled that my first marathon time was faster than Ben G.’s… who ran a 3:56:34. It’s okay BG… I still adore you… even if Zooey Deschanel doesn’t. Okay honestly, I adore them BOTH. hotties.

3. I found this on Pinterest. Grabbed me by the heart…

4. I’m proud to announce my sister started RUNNING this past weekend !!! EEEE!!! She sent me a text  saying she scooped up a generic pair of running shoes (they’re really cute, in case you were wondering) and knocked out a solid 1.5 miles! BOOM BRITT! Totally excited for the trip back to Austin at the end of this month to take her to the local running store & to do some running with her!

5. Runspiration Wall! We got our race display up! I have to say thank you to Monika for helping us with the idea of it all! I feel like if you can actually see the things you have achieved and can be reminded of what you want to achieve next … it helps keep you focused!

In other news:: training for marathon number 2 started last week! Luke and I have been discussing my marathon training plan for WEEKS. Actually to be honest, I was already talking about it before I even ran Portland… 18 weeks and over 900 miles here we go! For Portland I cut alcohol 7 weeks out from the race… this go round I’m cutting it for the entire duration! No missed long runs from being hung over or dehydrated… no chance of 1 am taco bell binges… etc! It’s only 18 weeks.. piece.of.cake!

On the topic of running…this last week  I ran with friends.. EVERY.DAY!!! It was incredible!

Sunday: off.

Monday: off.

Tuesday: 8 miles with Robin! She’s home visiting from New York!

Wednesday: 6 miles with Runners Roost… Amy & Lindsey!

Thursday: off

Friday (TWO A DAY!): 5.5 in the am with Luke.

6 INSANE miles with Laurie in the pm… for a pace of 8:02. I literally crashed & died in my bed and slept for 10 hours after..

Saturday: 10 miles with Robin, Rachel & Amber! for a pace of 9:15, last mile at 8:15 pace!

another motivational tidbit: Rachel just had her second adorable baby… FOUR MONTHS AGO. Right before she got pregnant she was training for a ten mile race but obviously was unable to run it. Now she is training for her first 1/2 marathon.. ON A TRAIL! Her longest run before that was 8 miles… until now. 10 miles. 9:15 pace.. HAS A FOUR MONTH OLD BABY. Uhm, you win the “allllll that and a bag of chips” award my friend! Seriously, so impressed & proud of her! She did AWESOME!

Do you cut alcohol when you train? How often do you run with friends or in groups?

the 22 + 24 milers!

The last two long runs — check! My longest training runs for Portland Marathon are now 20, 20, 22 & 24! The first 20 miler — SUCKED!  The second 20 miler being MUCH better than my first. The 22 was great & fun, however I think my most successful run would be 24!

Before I get started on the long runs–Sarah came to visit a few weeks ago! It was SO good to see her! I swore off Denver Trail Runners until AFTER Portland… because I am RIDIC clumsy. However, once I found out she wanted to go… I was all for it! We got in a pretty good run! Well, Sarah & Paula had an AWESOME run, they did some work on that trail! This was when I was starting to get sick… So I was coughing, semi puking & gagging all over the place. Glad I had Luke to keep me company!

after the trail run

*LOVE* this picture of us!

the 22 miler

I got to run with Paula, Sarah & Erica! Sarah & Paula are both running Chicago Marathon & Erica is training for Twin Cities Marathon! We started from REI in Denver, took the Cherry Creek trail, did a few loops at Wash & then back! We started nice and early at 7 am! The weather had cooled earlier in the week… so it wasn’t really necessary to start any earlier. I had my typical oatmeal /chia seeds / honey before we started. The run started very nicely! Running along Cherry Creek trail, chatting, holding a nice pace. We did this until Wash Park where Erica joined us! She had 14 on deck for the day. I had to use my inhaler FOUR different times during our laps at the park. My respiratory system was totally on the fritz! A few times Sarah had to tell me “take deep breaths!” We were supposed to do 5 laps at Wash, however…apparently I’m the only one who likes is CRAZILY IN LOVE with Wash Park. So much to look at! People watch, pretty flowers…DOGGIES EVERYWHERE! A decision to just tack on a few miles once we got back to REI was made. We cut Wash Park down to 4 laps. As we were finishing up our last loop before heading out of the park, Sarah had some EXTREME achilles pain. Luckily, Erica had trigger point in her car & saved the day! I’m proud to say that even with such pain, Sarah finished the run—LIKE A BOSS! Towards the end it got pretty toasty! The last 3 miles were hellacious. Admit it girls!!! So glad we had each other — the support one another talk was going around like crazy!

the start–i think.

heyyy-o mr. muscles fireman!

Erica saving the day with trigger point!

After the 22!

(totally ganked these pictures from Sarah!)

(apparently I have super bad posture after running 22 miles.)

Might I say that running with those girls is EXTREMELY entertaining. Sarah is a HOOT & an absolute BLAST! Cheering others on, chasing geese, telling stories, saying the most HYSTERICAL things you’ve ever heard in your life! I miss that girl! MOVE BACK TO COLORADO ALREADY!

After the run, we grabbed Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s & chatted a while! Paula & Sarah took a dip in the river .. basically an ice bath! I was slowly but surely becoming a cranky pants “GIVE ME FOOD” monster–so I skipped out on the river & was on a food mission! So proud of all of them! I can’t wait to run with these girls again!

The results of our 22 miler!

22.02 miles in 3:28:40

9:28 pace

total elevation gain 305 ft.

the 24 miler

It went AWESOME! Amy S. told me about Runner’s Edge…basically a group where they set up courses for long runs…water almost every 2 miles—great stuff! Wonderful group of people! I originally decided to start out with the 4 hour pace group. However, I quickly learned that was kind of a bad idea. We were seriously running an 11:06 ranged pace…. Then I realized. OHHHHH.. A LOT of people train a minute behind race pace. I knew the pace would eventually pick up–but not to the pace at which I wanted to run. I eventually figured out this wasn’t the right group for me… So I broke off about mile 1 ish. I then tried like the dickens to drop down to a pace that would put me around the same pace as my 22 miler the week before.

1 10:28.7
2 9:51.2
3 10:14.9
4 9:50.8

I caught up to the 3:50 pace group by mile 2. Stuck with them for a bit…realized I wasn’t too thrilled with that pace either. I found a gal that was just ahead of that group & we picked up our own pace. She wasn’t sure what her mileage would be for the day… So we just chatted for about a mile or 2. I left the water station faster than she did…so unfortunately that was the end of our convo!

5 9:21.9
6 9:30.9

I found myself in another conversation with a nice man at about mile 5. We ran together for a bit…then I ran through a water station.. which was where he stopped. I caught up to the 3:40 pace group & decided to settle in with them at about mile 8. There was a fellow twitter pal! Should have listened to him & started with them! There was also a girl running her first marathon on Oct 9th as well! Between myself & the two of them… we basically talked the ENTIRE time. **fun fact ** I’m pretty excited I can finally hold a conversation during a long run and not get TOO winded.

7 9:09.4
8 8:51.2
9 8:51.0
10 9:30.2
11 9:22.8
12 9:21.9
13 9:29.2
14 9:37.0
15 9:47.2
16 9:39.6
17 9:40.8

At mile 18 it breaks away from the out and back for the people wanting to do 21-24 miles. Just a tiny out & back! The girl I met, was running 22, so YAY! I didn’t have to run alone. I asked her if she was shooting for a 3:40 finish. She laughed & said…NAH, just a 4 hour finish! She then continued with “I try to train as close to race pace as I can without overdoing it. I can’t see training 1-2 mins slower on long runs…and then expect a much faster finish time!” I wanted to stop and hug her at this point. She had the EXACT same mentality as I do about long runs. Granted…I guess we are running our first marathons… newbies–clearly we know nothing. ;) :)

18 9:35.6
19 9:20.9

She broke away for her turn at mile 19. I was kinda bummed to see her run the other way–but EXCITED that I met a “newbie” with the same mentality as myself.

20 8:47.3
21 8:42.6
22 9:03.4
23 9:30.9
24 8:43.1 0.95 9:12.9

The run felt really strong! I was kinda shocked that it averaged out to almost the EXACT same pace as last weekend’s 22. I was tons more tired this time around. Then after uploading my garmin info there was nearly DOUBLE the elevation gain…minus like 3 feet. no joke. So I’m pretty pleased with that. Also about 300 something feet more than Portland!

There were a few uphill sections where I was definitely putting in like 95% effort. Overall it felt pretty comfortable. Well I mean…as comfy as your body can feel at the mile 20 point.I’m feeling pretty confident about my time goals. But we’ll see what happens! :D

**another fun fact** I didn’t have to use my inhaler once! yayyyy! :D

The results of the 24 miler :

23.95 miles in 3:46

9:27 pace

total elevation gain 704 ft.

Training rant :: side note on the 1-2 minute slower pace on LR’s** SURE, If you are an ADVANCED marathoner.. meaning you run like 4:45 – 6 minute miles for TWENTY SIX MILES–I can TOTALLY see doing LR’s at a slower pace. Doing anything under 6 minutes for 26.2 miles…TRAINING–sounds pretty intense to me. With that being said, people who can run like that.. uhm… hello…let’s throw in the words…advanced…elite… THEBOMB.COM. I’m sure they can definitely expect that & more from their bodies!

However, for the Oprah Winfrey runners (throwing myself into this range). 4:22 marathon I believe. I’m sorry, but I can’t say that there is ANYTHING advanced or elite about that. Average, yes! So it seems pretty irrelevant to me to try and train like an advanced runner/marathoner. It’s like a whole different ballgame. Work up to that point of an elite runner & THEN training like that—sure! :: end training rant*

At the same time, don’t get me wrong… running 26.2 miles isn’t by any means EASY and is hands down an AWESOME accomplishment.

In conclusion:

Aside from the first 20, the rest of my long runs were amazing! They all felt strong & had great company! I feel most confident about my 24 miler…considering the distance, gain & overall pace.

Let the taper begin!

booty in the pants update pt.4, last week’s running & new run gear!

Last week was a recovery week after racing a 1/2 marathon Monday. Nothing but slowwww boring runs… Except!!! This past weekend I got the chance to run with TWO HANDFULS of my favorite people! On Saturday I ran TWENTY – TWO (22) miles with Sarah & Paula! A new personal distance record! My friend Erica joined us for some laps as well! Sarah got some great pictures while we were out on our run, so I will wait until then to make a post about it! YES–we take pictures, while we run! It’s fun!

Luke ran 13 with Erica’s boyfriend, Matt, while we were running…so he was waiting at REI for us! Once we said our good-byes …I was a little hungry STARRRRVING. Luke and I swung by fleur de lis (a paperie)   to check out some wedding invitations! They had some great things in that store! I’m excited to go back! Luckily it was located right next to a Larkburger. Which, if you haven’t had it. OH EM GEE–DELICIOUS! I wasn’t planning on eating EVERYTHING…however it happened… maybe a few fries to spare.

I had the ahi tuna burger with wasabi ginger sauce and cilantro on a gluten free bun with truffle and parmesan fries to follow! So amazing! Hit the spot! After I stuffed my face…we wandered on home for showers, college football & naps! Tough Saturday?

Around 6pm we quickly got ready to meet up with Luke’s sister Heather and her husband Justin for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! It’s always so nice spending time with them! We all get along so well, they are tons of fun! Of course it was a delicious dinner… I ate everything on my plate.. per norm. I had some dish with 3 small portioned chicken breasts and grilled veggies. Luke had a steak… that’s a no brainer!

all dolled up for dinner! :)

There was a bit of a wait before we could be seated, so we wandered around the shops surrounding it until then. To my surprise there was a Lululemon right next door!!!! eeeeee!!!! For those of you who follow me on Twitter… you have probably realized lately that I’m having a major shorts dilemma!

new run gear!


Since my body/shape/figure have changed quite a bit…I have come to DESPISE my once loved Nike Tempo running shorts. aka : THEY JUST DON’T MAKE ME FEEL PRETTTYYY! I absolutely REFUSE to roll a waistband more than once. I think it looks ridiculous. This being said, my shorts were too big at the waist and would either try to go UP my waist making the short legs ride up & be SUPER short / tight around my thighs. (My thighs are turning into like huge blocks of muscle). Or they would sag & give me droopy drawers syndrome.  Seriously, they are extremely unflattering, bulky and Nike is definitely guilty of “shrinking & pinking.” I’ve heard this term several times and am now experiencing it myself. Basically it’s when company’s take things designed for men…shrink them down to a women’s size and make it in like pink/purple/rainbow…etc.  Uff. Run girl problems.

SOOOO! One of the recommendations was to check out Lululemon! Sarah was sporting a new pair on our run Saturday and they looked AMAZING on her! Now, like many others when I hear this word.. the first thing that comes to mind is the price tag. WHO PAYS 54 DOLLARS FOR RUNNING SHORTS?! Apparently people with run girl problems do! We walked into Lululemon, I tried on a pair…and it was love. :) :) No questions asked! We were in and out in literally 10 minutes! Apparently if I make Luke’s marathon training plans look realllll good, I get new shorts! This is fine with me! PLUSSS… Portland is less than 4 week out… need something cute to run in! Just have to find a running top to go with it!

The new shorts!

I got to run in them on Sunday ( we’ll get to that soon ) and LOVED them! SO comfortable, no riding up anywhere! YAY! One of the girls I ran with, Lindsey, did say that they do shrink a little! So be careful when you wash them! ALSO– they do run small! So make sure to go one size up from your normal jean size!


As an engagement gift to ourselves, Portland right around the corner & a deal you couldn’t beat with a stick…Luke thought it’d be a good excuse time for a Garmin 405! I’ve realllly been wanting one for a while now…the opportunity presented itself…and we jumped! We’ve had it for almost two weeks and it has been a great training tool!

fun fact: this was taken right after we put it on Oliver’s collar & let him run around. Not bad little man!


After a post that I had made mentioning that I only use Hammer gels for running due to a sensitive stomach, our friend Chuck asked us if we’d be interested in a swap! He had a box of about 90 gels that he wouldn’t be using and would love to make an exchange! The exchange would be muffins! It’s a pretty neat recipe, I’ll be posting it soon. We got our box this past week… and me being the ass that I am…I’m just BARELY getting these muffin’s out the door to him. Sorry Chuck! You’ll see them soon!

So it’s been a fun past two weeks for running gear!

booty in the pants update:

So, for those of you who read my blog on a regular basis. You know which booty in the pants update I’m talking about!

  • still going strong on no alcohol! 3 weeks down– 4 to go!
  • I’m still maintaining my weight at the 10 lbs I’ve lost. It’s been holding steady for about 2-3 weeks.
  • I am 3-5 lbs away from the goal race weight (depending on what time of day I weigh myself)
  • I eat something sweet at least once a day. Ice cream/cake/ or cookies have been happening at least once a day for the last 7 days.

What I think about it

  • I’ll still continue to be booze free until after Portland Marathon
  • My body seems to be HAPPY at and doing very well at the current weight.
  • I’m not going to sweat those last 3-5 lbs. If they happen–awesome. If not–that’s okay!
  • I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth. I could cut back a tad. Maybe to like 3 times a week.

What I’ve added ::


You can’t expect your body to work miracles by beating it up with marathon training! So I’ve added these babies to HELP nourish my body along the way!

  • Iron – I was having MAJOR episodes of being tired ALL DAY. This started happening when my mileage started increasing. No matter what I ate, how much I slept etc. I was zonked! Since adding the iron, I’m no longer dead tired all the time.
  • Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc – gotta love your bones! After Luke’s injury at Leadvilee we added this in! Also, just about the only dairy I consume is cottage cheese, cheese & ice cream. Not nearly enough calcium in my diet. I strongly dislike moo juice ( milk).  I prefer almond!
  • Omega Three Complex (fishoils) – I’ve been taking this since high school. It has TONS of benefits including healthy hair, skin, nails … etc.
  • Glucosamine – Chondroitin – MSM – keeps your joints healthy & happy! I’ve had cracking/popping/snapping hip problems since I was 14 thanks to dance. This helps me sound less like a rice crispy treat!
  • A once a day multivitamin.

I take each 1-3 times daily depending on which one. AFTER coffee, never before && always with food! Remember some of these are SUPPLEMENTS and don’t work over night. You have to take them consistently for 6-8 weeks for any effects / results to take place….

To wrap up the “race weight” operation ” too much booty in the pants” blog topic -

Angles in pictures can change the way a person looks…a TON! So, I know there is already a picture…however, to avoid possible “she just took it at a good angle” blah blah blah ….

BAM! there we go! look ma! no angles! :D

There you have it! Ten pounds gone! Sure, maybe my booty shrank a LITTLE… but it’s still there. It’s kinda runs in our family :) Thanks Aunt T!


Yesterday we had another successful Sunday Funday Runday meet up at Wash Park! Our group is growing! I absolutely LOVE this group! Everybody is so nice, laid back…and we all have an EXTREME passion for running! Holly, Sarah, Amy, Lindsey, Andrea & myself all met up at Wash Park at 8 am to get in our 7 miles! Nice easy recovery runs for all of us with plenty of chatter! After we headed to Starbucks where the chattiness was continued! Such an awesome way to end/start a week!

a wrap on the past week of running!

Another 61 mile week in the books! My favorite runs were definitely Saturday’s 22 & Sunday Funday Runday!

the not so fun news :: i’m sick as a dog!!!

So, Thursday I started noticing my throat felt like there were daggers in it. I tried ignoring it, I figured it was the change in weather. Friday morning, no dice. Daggers in my throat. Sneezing, runny nose–but it was clear. I figured… changing weather and allergies? Saturday morning, still no dice. My throat wasn’t AS sore, however my snot was now green & I was also hacking it up. During the 22 miler I had to use my inhaler FOUR different times! Sunday–well I’m sick! I had a hard time breathing regularly during our run. My voice was gone by the afternoon. Still hacking up green gunk. This morning. I’m at home. Congested…green gunk…voice gone…no more daggers in my throat–just super scratchy. When I speak I sound like a 50 year old who smoked too much & drank too many martini’s. I named this voice. It’s the “Blanche” voice.

I’ve been taking in vitamin C like nobody’s business! I’m currently mixing emergen-c & orange juice together. HELLO EXPLOSIVE PUNCH OF ORANGE FLAVOR! I’ve cut out cough drops. They irritate my stomach.hot tea. mucinex & my inhaler. I guess I’m not doing TOO much for it. If it’s not improving by tomorrow I’m headed to the doctor! I don’t have time to be sick!

goal for the week : get better! marathon training has no time for the sickly!

61 mile week running recap!

I know, I know…you probably keep seeing “HIGHEST MILEAGE WEEK EVERRRR” on a few of my recent blog posts. But, yeah…61 takes the cake BY FAR! I can assure you that it will be that way until at least next year. My Portland Marathon training plan says so. ;) Next up after Portland is Colorado Marathon in Ft. Collins. So somewhere in the middle of the 18 weeks before May 6th, 2012…you will see it again. We have every intention of ramping the miles up up & up!!!

my week’s worth of running :)

Just my luck, all of my runs this last week went BEAUTIFULLY! I couldn’t have asked for a better week. I was so happy and pleased with all of them. I met all of, if not, surpassed my time goals for each workout. I know that this is extremely RARE so I have to take this moment to acknowledge how THANKFUL I am for it.

The run I would have to say I’m most proud of would be the track workout on Friday! It was originally supposed to take place on Wednesday, however, I couldn’t manage to drag myself out of bed early enough for a 10 mile work out.  So I made Wednesday my off day…you know…an off day means running a mile and doing a leg/ab work out. ;)  ANYHOO the deets on Friday’s track workout ::

I had Luke map out a route that would be 3 miles to Highlands Ranch High School track. SUCCESS! He found a route that was mainly trail, it wasn’t flat, rolled nicely. Anyways, I was going to use the 3 miles as a warm up and a cool down, aiming for a medium-slow pace.

3 mile warm up :: 25:15 (8:25 pace) …uhm what? and that felt EASY! After looking at the time I was a little concerned that maybe my warm up miles were a little too fast…

Since Luke is out of running for a month due to injury, he hasn’t been able to run with me at ALL this past week This was no different. HOWEVER, like the amazing man he is, he still drove to the track to coach me for my workout… at 6:30 am before work! What a spoiled lady. :) He said it would be a “ladder” workout. Uhm, whuttt??? I’ve heard my friend Erica speak of these… I was a tad nervous. Actually, fun fact, I get OVERLY anxious right before track workouts. Freak, I know.

Anyways the work out went as follows::

400 – 1:35 (6:19 pace)
800 – 3:33 (7:06 pace)
1200 – 5:30 (7:25 pace)
1600 – 7:44 (7:44 pace)
1200 – 5:27 (7:21 pace)
800 – 3:31 (7:02 pace)
400 – 1:33 (6:11 pace)

After the last 400, I was BEAT. I crossed the line, fell to my knees on the football field, and laid face down…I was having a hard time catching my breath…obviously, this wasn’t helping…compressing my chest and well…my face was smushed in the grass..I laid there for like 10 seconds and popped back up! It felt good to see Luke’s smiling face! I knew he was proud of me…I was proud of myself! LONGEST TRACK WORKOUT EVERRRR!

Anyways, I gave Luke a hug and a kiss as he got in his car to head to work…he told me to call as soon I was done running the three miles home. I told him I was just shooting for a 9:00-9:15 pace to cool down. I decided not to look at my watch until I got home.I picked a pace that felt good on the legs and the lungs.

3 mile cool down – 24:45 (8:15 pace)

negative splits across the board … *big smiles*

…who am I & where did these legs come from?!

The long run of the week was Saturday, 14! I was planning to do this alone. Last minute Robyn asked what I had planned! We had run together two weeks earlier and had a great run! She was supposed to be headed back to school in New York, however thanks to Hurricane Irene.. her flight was canceled! Unfortunately due to the hurricane she had to miss out on her planned half marathon….butttt… I GOT TO RUN WITH MY RUNNING TWIN AGAIN!!!! :D  Again, we had an awesome run!

Last time she mapped out the run & start point…AND PICKED THE BUN’S O STEEL RUN! It was. so. hilly. This time, I decided to map it out. I REMEMBERED/THOUGHT this route was pretty flat. BAHAHA. wrong. It just looks flat. Over the entire route there was 748 ft of gain. oopsie! But I guess over a distance of 15 miles that’s still pretty gradual…? So much for a flat-ish run. Heads up—it’s basically impossible here. We also had originally planned to only run 14…this turned into 15. We didn’t know this until a few hours later :) At the end of the run we took a look at our watches and were like…no way did we run that slow of a pace…compared to how we felt! We were movin it the whole time! So coming back home to re-map felt pretty good. Also considering how much we talk it’s a miracle our pace wasn’t a bit slower. Girl gab makes runs go so much faster and more enjoyable! I am seriously going to miss this lady!

After this run, I headed back to the house, I mentioned that my muscles were feeling a little tight… Luke then approached me with a yoga mat and foam roller… YOU’RE MEAN LUKE!!!

Oliver… helping? (ignore that awful blue wall–it’s being painted! however–like our new floors!?)

To wrap up a high mileage week, I decided an easy recovery run at Wash Park with a few friends sounded perfect! We met up around 8 am and off we went! Holly, Sarah, Erica & Dave… Luke too, however since he’s clearly not running… he took pictures! Dave broke away after the first loop, he had a 5k to race! He did great by the way! It was great running with them! Such a great group of people… we are working on making this a weekly meet up! Schedules permitting of course!

Erica, myself, Dave, Holly && Sarah

I promise we didn’t run 4 across the whole time!

Lovely week in running!

How did your running go this past week? Have you ever had a gold star week? What’s your highest mileage week while training for a marathon?

2nd 20 miler & first time marathon nerves!

So, this last 20 miler—COMPLETE turn around from my first! I am so so so so SO pleased with it! After the first one, I really had my tail between my legs. Ran it smart! Stuck to my routines that work! Fueling and hydrating the day before, sticking to the same oatmeal, chia seeds && honey as my pre long run meal, fueling with my old faithful Hammer gels during & coconut water for recovery!

This was my first long run without Luke! YES—I had to carry my own hand helds, it went very well! However, I didn’t have to run it alone! I did the first 15 miles with a new friend, Robin! She’s pretty neat! The week before I noticed we basically ran THE EXACT SAME 14 MILERS! She’s going to school in NY, but is here visiting family! We met up around 7:30 am on Saturday at Fox Hollow Golf Course. She is a little more familiar with that area than I am, she rides her bike over there with her dad all the time! So she mapped up a loop for us! However, one thing neither us seemed to look at..was ELEVATION. UFF!

The first 8 miles were ALL UP HILL! No joke! Seriously 500+ft of gain! They did not quit! It didn’t flatten out or cut us any slack until after mile 8. At about mile 3 we both started noticing that this uphill was going to keep going for a while. She apologized…however I’m actually pretty glad she mapped the route she did! It was AWESOME for training. Even though IT WAS THE HILLIEST LONG RUN OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! Curious as to how it compared to my marathon course.. I googled it. There is 432 ft worth of gain through out the Portland Marathon….over a span of TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES! After finding that out…I was more okay with this “buns of steel” long run mission! She had 15 miles on deck & I had 20…seeing her break away was TOUGH! However, it didn’t take much motivation to finish the last 5.

First 20 miler – 3:19 (9:56 pace) filled with cramps, barf && plenty o tears

Second 20 miler – 3:12 (9:36 pace) no cramps, barf or tears!

I still have two SUPER long runs left and am very excited for them ….what a freak…who says that?! ;)

First time marathon nerves :

I was reading reviews for Portland Marathon and from what I read apparently the corrals / start is RIDICULOUS. A lot of people were assigned into corrals that were WAYYY behind their estimated finish time? Some people got STUCK behind others and couldn’t set into their pace for the first THREE MILES?! The streets at the start are super narrow?!

What the?! *insert nerves here*

Finishing isn’t an option. I know I’ll finish. It’s just my goal finish time–it’s pretty specific. In my first half marathon I got stuck behind people for the first 1-2 miles and I KNOW it added a significant amount of time. Le Sigh. We’ll see how it goes.

Good thing I was awesome at climbing/ jumping/dodging/running as a child…it’ll make jumping corrals a lot easier ;) KIDDING…kinda.. ;)

Last year–apparently it rained the entire race.. meh–I’ve run in quite a bit of rain since I moved to CO-no big!

Haha- Okay, I guess I don’t have that many nerves about it. JUST THE START!

What were some of your nerves or worries for your first marathon? How did your first 20 miler go compared to your second? What’s the longest run you have during your marathon training?

a little less booty in the pants & some good stuff.


Two week follow up on my too much booty in the pants  blog post. Since that blog post I have successfully dropped close to 7 pounds in the healthiest way possible. Obviously running, weight training, core work, eating small meals multiple times throughout the day. I cut the crap (well, most of it.) …okay that’s a lie. Kind of. I did cut out a lot of crap–but still indulge by taking SMALL bites of it…and making Luke eat the rest…THANKS BABE! Nonetheless – my pants don’t need to be “broken in” when they come out of the dryer anymore. WOOT! Don’t get me wrong… baby still got plenty o’ back!

I definitely have noticed a difference and not just when I step on the scale. My abs and legs are both becoming more defined. I FEEL stronger, more confident…and clearly am starting to not look like such a fluffy wimp anymore! I also ran SHIRTLESS *gasp* this past weekend..which I will get to more in a moment! So there’s my two week update! At this rate, I’m hoping there will just be one more update in another two weeks and BAM! Goal attained!

On to this past weekend’s training! IT WAS FANTASTIC! I was a little discouraged  disappointed after my first 20 miler. I made a TON of mistakes, and I quite frankly should have known better. SO! I made every effort to “do everything right” for my long run this weekend, which was 14 miles.

Corrections I made this week: I stuck with my hammer gel! If it’s not broke–don’t fix it! I also opted for my more traditional pre-run fuel : oatmeal, chia seeds & local honey…this time I threw half a banana in it–didn’t give me any problems! The day before I definitely made an effort to fuel properly and hydrate!

The trail we chose to run would be a first for us! Again-I had every intention of starting this run at 6 am–however Luke and Oliver make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get out of bed at 5:15 am on the wknd when I don’t have to work! They’re just that cute and cuddly! So we finally get our run started…at 8! OOPSIE! Luckily the temp was only 77 at the start. I keep forgetting even though the temperature “looks” cool–it feels hot because we are a mile closer to the sun! Unfortunately on this route there is virtually NO shade. Good thing I sported my new Nike tech tee–it’s white! (smart move). The first 7 miles felt great, but DAMN it was getting hot. I was a sweaty glistening disaster! I then took out a move from my “Texas guide to keeping cool when it’s hot out” and ditched the shirt! LOADS COOLER–and definitely another smart move—or I might have died in the sun.

For some reason I convinced myself that the second half would be faster, my brain kept telling me we were running uphill for the first half…NOPE, OH SO WRONG. A nice portion of the second half and the finishing point itself were all on the “up”. JEEZE LOUISE! I can’t say that I had any type of kick at the end. I definitely pushed the entire run–well worth it!

14 miles for a total time of 2:05 (8:55 pace)

EEEEE! Exciting, exciting! Just below my marathon goal pace! My fastest long run yet! If I could hold that pace for an additional 12.2 miles…that’s be FANTASTIC. I’m OVERLY eager to see how I do in Portland!

On to Sunday! RECOVERY RUN! I could have run a 10 minute paced shake out run and not have thought twice because I was still on CLOUD NINE from Saturday’s long run! I also has some “new gear” to test out, so I was pretty excited!

I’ve been on the lookout for new road shoes like a mad woman! I’m a little shoe obsessed. After a recommendation from a friend/runspiration Amy, Luke and I headed to Boulder Running Company after the long run on Saturday. It came down to three shoes the NB1400, Saucony Kinvara 2’s and Saucony Mirage. I tried the NB1400 on first–they felt okay–but not fantastic. I then tried on the Kinvara’s —heaps better and I would definitely pick them over the NB1400. Then alas, the Mirage’s! L.O.V.E. They felt incredible. I had done a little lot of reading about shoes in the past week. I was pretty much already sold before I tried them on.

  • addition of a midfoot support bridge provides motion control, while still allowing the runner to enjoy the advantages of a minimalist shoe.
  • perfect light trainer for a slight overpronator <—that’s me!

I would like to credit my funky right foot overpronation and slight brush with my toe to my 15+ years in the ballet world. In ballet…or dance in general…when you run, they make you do it in turn out! Meaning your knees and the top of your foot are turned out to the side. I can’t tell you HOW many times I’ve had to do across the floor runs…over and over and over, in turn out. When I first saw a video of myself running on the treadmill that is EXACTLY what came to mind. Fruit loop lookin foot form–EXPLAINED!

the new kicks :) pretty in pink!

I didn’t want to take them off after my run! When I finally did–my toenails weren’t a bloody mess like they were on Saturday! WIN!

I also tried out my new hand held and some new nuun tablets. Luke has me spoiled ROTTEN by carrying the handhelds during the long runs. However, since he is now tapering for Leadville…I’ll be running my 20 miler this weekend WITHOUT him…so, it’s time for me to put on my big girl britches and run with my own handhelds. *picture my sad face here* I gave the nuun electrolyte tablets a shot. The flavor was awesome! However, I have YET to try an electrolyte tablet/brew that doesn’t make me burp obnoxiously. On that note, I think for the marathon I’ll just stick to my water, and have a quick swig of Gatorade at about mile 13 or somewhere around there.

The handheld worked great! This is a 12 oz. Not the super huge straight up water bottles that Luke runs with. I DID like it. However I would love one by FuelBelt…same size…but…THEY HAVE A PURPPPLE ONE!!!!! :D

The run itself was pretty laid back. 3 laps at Wash Park. Nothing too exciting–took my music along. Once training is done with, I wouldn’t be surprised if I go run for fun…JUST to listen to music.

Recovery run – 7.8 miles 1:16 (9:44 pace).

This weekend we also celebrated Luke’s Birthday with the WHOLE FAMILY! Since his actual birthday isn’t until tomorrow—I think I’ll wait on writing about it and just make a BIG 27 YEAR OLD POST ABOUT IT!

Saturday night we hit the town! We stopped by Ryan H.’s new place, which happens to be in a poppin area! We mingled down to Sweet Action Ice Cream! SO.GOOD. I opted for the vegan chocolate chip cookie dough—slightly disappointed I won’t lie. However, Luke got the Stranahan’s Whiskey flavor–TO DIE FOR! They did have a biscuits and jam flavor I was slightly interested in trying…maybe we’ll make it down there again soon while they still have it!

Our friend Ben met up with us at Sweet Action and on we went to The Hornet! Once there, MY LITTLE LADYBUG RUNNING BUDDY Holly met up with us. A few reasons why I love her so much -she heart’s a dirty martini as much as I do, -run nerd, -we have the same views/ideas on most subjects, -she’s a hippie at heart, -she look’s just like tina fey when she wears her glasses, -she’s just REALLY SUPER NEAT!

We each had a few drinks, run convo’s, scary stories about ex’s that stab people and some good laughs! Then we moved across the street, and this continued! At this point…well, apparently once I get past two drinks…I start talking a little louder…and forget small details. All I know and all that matters—it was definitely a good time!

too much booty in the pants.

So, I was going through my google reader and came across Diane’s almost daily blog post. Funny thing about Diane is that she also just moved to Denver from Texas! Right about 2 weeks to a month after I did! This particular blog post was about how normally she’s pretty healthy…HOWEVER, since moving to Denver, with all the AWESOME places in this city to try out, has gained 5 pounds! I had to laugh only because, I did the EXACT. SAME. THING.

All my life, thanks to dancing, I’ve always been thin. At some points getting a little scary. My heaviest weight was probably right before I moved to Denver. I had finals going on, was tying up loose ends, trying to see family and friends before I left. With all this going on, I didn’t have time for my normal two-a-days at the gym. So I went from thin & lean to your average American girl. Well that was new.

me & my healthy butt – first day in colorado.

HOWEVERRRR, after moving, life was a bit busy chaotic. Meeting the family, being introduced to friends…etc. We were eating out a TON.  Luke and I really weren’t making any time to get in any serious running. I was also having a hard time adjusting to the altitude. I was tired all.the.time. I spent a good portion of my time sleeping, when I wasn’t working. Also….SO I’m pretty sure that Luke was working part time at a candy store and never told me. I walked in the kitchen and his room and there was junk food galore! Like literally I had never seen so much in one house in my entire life. I laughed at first…and then of course I slowly but surely ate most of it. Add this all up and BAM! What do you have…


This was a problem. So much of a problem that I had to go buy new pants. How embarrassing. I had literally gained 5 pounds in about two weeks. Uhm gross. At that point I had yet to have picked a marathon to run, so I was like…just eat healthy, then once a race is picked and  the training program comes together everything will fall into place. We stopped eating out so much and once the junk food was gone— life got pretty easy! For about a month my weight kind of just maintained itself. At least I wasn’t gaining anymore!

Not until recently have those pounds, and then some, started coming off. My mileage has DEFINITELY increased a ton, I’m getting back into my old “two-a-day” at the gym and or running routine. Also, I FINALLY identified that when I was most fit, I wasn’t eating meals. Just more so snacking a bunch during the day. The snacking also helps keep my blood sugar up so I don’t have a mid afternoon crash and have to nap anymore. No naps = No insomnia at night! (most of the time) WIN!

So, how far do I go with it? Obviously at this point, it’s now turning into a “race weight” subject. About a year ago I heard a friend talking about his race weight. Race weight? What the hell is that? So I googled it. Somewhere on the crazy world wide web I read that a normal race weight for triathletes and runners is about 20% below the average weight.

uhm, what?!

For women the recommended weight is at 5’0 ft. – 100 lbs. Then for every inch add 5 lbs. Then for a race weight, take 20% of your weight, off of that.

ugh, sick!

been there. done that.

take 20% off my current weight–and this is what you get.

circa 3 years ago.

&& this my friends is called anorexia!

definitely not anor-sexy-ia.

I don’t care who you are, you should not be able to fit into a size 0 at 5’8.

(ps: yes that’s an 80’s party && yes…GLITTER ON THE FLOORRR!)

So uhm, definitely won’t be taking into consideration that race weight calculation. PSHT. Instead, I decided to cut it in half! Let’s go for 10%. Sure, it’s a little thin- but as long as you are still fueling and conditioning your body properly-it’s healthy! Actually, that 10% less than range has pretty much always been my norm until this past spring… apparently nothing puts weight on me like stress. Oh haiiii stress eater….and boyfriends that have secret second jobs at candy stores. ;)

I know, I know. Muscle weighs more than fat. So you shouldn’t obsess over a scale. Have to go off of something though, right? Unless somebody has one of those fat pincher things…anybody?! ;)

At this point, like I said, I’m back on track with the two-a-days! Gosh I’ve missed morning workouts! They make you feel fantastic and  also help you make healthy choices throughout the day. Not only am I running and swimming…but I’ve finally started adding weight workouts into the mix..! Like I said, I’m back to my many snacks a day & not so many sweets. Keyword – SO MANY. No way could I give up fro-yo or cupcakes! My sweet tooth cravings can get OUT OF CONTROL. I’m pretty sure I’m about to put a dentist’s kid through college with all the dental work I’ve needed/will need in my lifetime. Lately I’ve been craving more salt than sugar. Beef jerky is the new cupcake.

Everybody is different. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. Obviously I’ve met  runners who think a race weight is irrelevant and stupid. That’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinions. :)

***I’m not a health professional***  (i just know my body, the way it works and try to make decisions i feel are sensible)

How about you? What works for your body? What do you think of race weights?