baby shower for my sister!!

no no no! not BRITTANY! my NEWEST sister, HEATHER! technically she is my sister-in-law. however, i always associate the word “in-laws” with negativity.. so therefore she is my sister!

as soon as we found out that heather was pregnant i instantly JUMPED && claimed dibbs on throwing her a baby shower. after planning a wedding.. a baby shower sounded like a piece of cake!

i think i’ve attended one or two baby showers before? i know i’ve attended at least one. i remember it being SUPER weird && taking FORRRREVVVERRR. playing games with strangers that require you to do weird & embarrassing things. that was one thing i didn’t want to happen! short, sweet && social was the goal!

baby hayden’s nursery theme is hot pink zebra! how fun is that?! thanks to the help of good ol’ pinterest && katelun (a friend of heathers that helped too!) i was able to come up with quite a few ideas!

yes i made that!

we had the baby shower at luke’s parents house! their house is perfect for throwing parties. everyone arrived around 3pm, we already had snacks laid out, some current music playing softly. everyone chatted a bit, then we all headed on to the patio for some food & punch. ps: made the spinach spoon bread as one of the snacks— total hit!

once everyone was done eating, we started the first game! heather walked around with some string && everyone cut the length they thought would fit around the momma-to-be’s belly. we pre-measured THE BELLY before people started making their guesses. that way heather could compare as each person cut the string. the closest person to the correct length, wins! one of our family members, meghan, ended up winning!

since everyone was still at the table it was the perfect opportunity for the next game called “make a baby!” everyone at the table was given a piece of playdough. they then had five minutes to “make a baby”. the momma-to-be then picks the best looking baby. justin’s aunt heidi won this game! can i say, this game was SO FUN! it was really cool seeing what everyone came up with.

baby makin’

the winner!

ALSO, if you have children attending the shower, you can give the playdough to them to take home. audry was the only young one at the shower — lucky little gal! went home with enough playdough to last for a year!

next up were presents! we moved into the living room && ended up arranged in a giant circle. i know sometimes during any type of party you don’t always get to talk to all of your guests. i wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to talk to heather. i asked everyone to go around the room && share a piece of advice or happy wishes on becoming a mother.

this moment was really heartfelt && special. i felt my face get hot a few times…aka i almost cried. even those of us that aren’t moms yet had something to share with her.

presents went by pretty quickly! lets just say that baby hayden now has enough blankets to last her until the age of 12!

before we knew it, it was time for cupcakes && party favors (THANK YOU BETH FOR THE FAVOR IDEA — xoxo)

it was then that i also passed around individual sheets of theme appropriate paper to everyone entitled “wishes for baby”. it had the start of a few sentences that you complete yourself! once everyone was done, they put it in a jar. something for heather to take home && read later. possibly put in a book or album of some sort!

the shower ended around 5:30. the time absolutely FLEW by. i was so pleased that it ended up being the perfect baby shower for heather && baby hayden! it felt AWESOME to hear how many people really enjoyed it. i was a little nervous how it would all flow together, but every piece fit PERFECTLY!

katelun, heather && me

i’m so excited for baby hayden to get here! she’s going to have the best parents a girl could ever ask for && a loving family big enough that she’ll never need a babysitter.. EVER. i won’t be surprised if uncle luke tries to claim rights as sole babysitter. spoiler alert: he’s got baby fever… BAD! spoiler alert # 2: aunt courtney has race plans that aren’t even listed on her blog yet… so hopefully our niece will be visiting us quite a bit over the next few years!

baby hayden received MANY personal gifts leaving a few items left on the registry! if you weren’t able to attend the shower but would still like to send her a gift, she is registered at target && babies r’ us!

have you ever thrown a baby shower? how did it go? what games did you play? 

note: for each game there was a prize! we also did a diaper raffle! basically, whoever brought a pack of diapers or wipes was entered into a raffle for a prize!

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One thought on “baby shower for my sister!!

  1. Why yes, I have thrown a baby shower or two. Or three. Or four. Or… This is what happens when you get old. Me, not you. And now everyone is gearing up for round 2.

    I’ve made a few diaper cakes over the years. Those can be fun and pricy all at the same time! I’m not a huge fan of shower games, but I have played a few: Celebrity baby match up, boy/girl myths, melted chocolate in a diaper (smell and decide), baby word unscramble, etc.

    My fav is to give the cake decorator a picture/web link of the baby’s room decor and have her decorate the cake to match.

    Lots of ideas out there! I just saw this one and LOVED it:

    Can’t wait for another baby shower! :)

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