my favorite magazine & six easy braided hair looks!

I stumbled out of bed this morning, yes stumbled.. my legs feel absolutely terrible *DAMN SQUATS*, to my keurig. I love that thing. If you’re getting married soon, put it on your registry, you’ll love it too. I made a cup of coffee && started flipping through yesterday’s mail. I smiled reallll big when I noticed my favorite magazine had arrived. My mom bought me a subscription as one of my Christmas presents! The gift that gives all year long!

nice start to the morning!

Real Simple magazine is also where I originally fell in love with mug tails. Which my amazing sister got me for my birthday. What?! Me? Spoiled? NO!!! ;) :)

After breakfast I went to check my email where I found tutorial from Real Simple waiting in my inbox entitled, “Cool Braided Hairstyles You Can Actually Do!”. Well, that sounds fun! I clicked on the link and it had six different braided styles that are perfect for summer. Especially as hot as it has been in Denver! 90’s almost reaching 100! That is pretty miserable … you know… being a mile closer to the sun up here. Luckily today it’s cooled off a bit, happy first day of summer!

My favorite of the 6 would have to be number 3 & 6.

So, I just wanted to share that link with you guys, have a great Wednesday!

What’s your favorite magazine? Which braid did you like the most?

9 thoughts on “my favorite magazine & six easy braided hair looks!

  1. i love 1 and 4!!!! so pretty! im trying one! those mugs.. wow! adorable.. i need an awesome mug for home :) always love ur posts… fav mag. no idea! i need to read a few and decide!

  2. I love that magazine too! I have been stalking their website ever since I put an offer in on my house. Now I actually get to do things.

  3. I love that magazine as well. We give magazines as gifts in the family all year long as well. We also get The Economist, Dirt Rag, and Time. Magazines are ridiculous in this house.

  4. I’m a big fan of RS too! I don’t have a subscription yet but like to buy one when I’m going on a trip. One of my favorite magazines is Mental Floss – unique facts and stories. A nice change from the Self/Women’s Health/Glamour/etc that are so popular.

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