race week, it’s here! it’s here! && a giveaway!

Are y’all just as shocked as I am that I’m goo-goo-giddy excited that… IT’S RACE WEEKKK!!!! I won’t talk about how craptastic the training was, because if you don’t know.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN && GET OFF MY BLOG! Okay, kidding. Sorta. Not really. OKAY JKKKKKAYYYY!

So, I’m going to be honest with you guys and myself, I now officially have NO GOALS (cou* NO LIMITS*gh) going into this race. Who knows, I might not even finish the race. Somebody might offer me a beer at mile 18, and I might just sit my happy ass down and drink it.

Anyhoo, earlier this year I did a “predict my 10k time” giveaway. I don’t know about you guys, but I thought it was a ton of fun!

The Goods:

nuun tri-berry

hammer gels

&& a pair of point 6 socks!

(yes i will be using all of the above for CO marathon!)

Marathon Background Information:

I’ve only run one. I ran Portland Marathon 2011 in 3:53:47

The Rules

Whoever guesses the closest to my finishing time for Colorado Marathon will be the winner of the giveaway! The cut off to enter this giveaway is on Saturday May 5th!

Who Can Enter:

This is the sticky part. I don’t do giveaways to “bump up” my blog. I do it as something fun for my faithful readers, because I glitter-heart them!  I find it annoying when “strangers” only comment/get involved/read for a giveaway. So, this giveaway is CLOSED (so to speak) The only people who can enter have to meet one of the following:

  • we’ve run together
  • i actually know you in real life/or have met you (probably at an expo or race)
  • we ALREADY both follow each other on twitter & interact with one another via twitter/blog/email.

So that’s pretty simple!

Some helpful information:

My races so far this year have been…..

January 21:  Frosty’s Frozen 5 miler – Littleton, CO :: 38:08

January 29: 3m Half Marathon- Austin, TX :: 1:41:29 :: PR

February 18:  Snowman Stampede 5 miler – Littleton, CO :: 37:47 :: PR

March 17: Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon – Moab, UT :: 1:53:47 <—- that day sucked, bad!

April 29: Cherry Creek Sneak 10 miler – Denver, CO :: 1:18:57 :: PR



Is it Sunday yet?!

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26 thoughts on “race week, it’s here! it’s here! && a giveaway!

  1. oh hey, i meet the criteria :) so excited for your 2nd marathon!!! can’t wait to hear all the deets – AND see you in a few weeks! (i’m back in CO from 5/22 – 6/1ish, so we will have to run a bunch!)
    prediction: 3:43:00. faster than my NYCM!
    i am horrible at predicting things so i hope you are much faster ;)

  2. I think you are going to do great – maybe not having any real goals in the beginning will help with the mental game?!

    I’m predicting 3:46:16…just in case the weather decides to hate race day. But really, I think you have it in you to BQ. Just sayin.

  3. 3:38:45! You are going to KILL it. I cannot WAIT to hear about it. I will be out of town this weekend, but I know I will find out from you or Luke on Twitter!!! GOOD LUCK!!! (PS, I want to know all details of the race, it is on my radar for next year) <3

  4. I was thinking of going 3:48 and hoping you’d stop for a beer :-) but I know you’ve been practicing that too(beer miles!) so I’ll go 3:41. I think you can do better, but all the good faster times are taken, so I’m playing the numbers.
    BTW, if I win, give 2nd place, or best comment, or nicest follower or something the Nuun and Hammer Gel. I use them both, but I’m all stocked up for the summer. I just want those socks you guys are always saying are so great! Where do you get those, BTW?

  5. Yay! So exciting! I love this idea!!! =)
    Based on your last 10 miler, I was going to say 3:41 but I see someone already said that…so I’m going to go with 3:40:15 I have faith in your!!!

  6. Well we haven’t met in real life because of that pesky distance thing, but I will qualify myself with #3.

    Good luck and kick ass.

    Finish time: 3:43:12

  7. Hmmm. I don’t know how this marathon’s course profile is & I’m too lazy to look… so I’m just gunna go with 3:32. Kill girl, girl! Good luck & I canNOT wait to hear how it goes!!!

  8. Dang you, Liz! She stole my guess (3:33:33)… girl, you could probably run a 3:29 without blinking, but at the same time, you just said you might grab and beer and hang out, so you put me in a guessing-predicament! Hmmm… my guess? 3:39:30. Most of all, just have FUN with it :) Yayyy!!!

  9. Wish we were going to be there!! You are going to be awwwesome we just know it! Lots of cheers will be coming from us on race day! We’ll be extra loud so you can hear us in CO! I’m going to go with 3:45:12!

  10. This is so fun! I might have to do one of these on my blog. I typed in your times into McMillian calculator but I disagreeed with him. I think you’ll run 3:34:51. Best of luck, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  11. I don’t qualify for your prize, but I’ll still drop a guess in at 3:44:42. That comes from running an equivalent performance as your 10 miler plus 5 seconds/mile for not getting all the full distance training you wanted in…I would add more than that but I think the weather/course/pregame approach for the full will be more in your favor than for the 10 miler. Looks like you started the race about 22 minutes ago, so I don’t know if my guess should count anyway. ;-) I’ll try to cheer Luke on in Laporte b/c he should be a few minutes ahead of my wife at that point…she’s running the half.


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