my marathon training is turning into the hunger games :: got our runners roost kits!

This past weekend was another failed long run attempt & DNS at Running of the Green 7k due to sickness. I decided to skip the race because I knew I had a 1/2 6 days later and wanted to give my body a chance to rest. Well, it’s Wednesday I’ve run 3 miles since then && have only gotten worse. Eating well, drinking lots of water, resting, water, tea, ricola, mucinex, dayquil, nightquil.. you name it, I’ve probably taken it.

I went to the Dr this afternoon & described what was going on. I was excited when he said that I didn’t have an upper respiratory infection. YAY. He then continued.. “BUT, you do have the common cold virus which is right now is lasting around 3 weeks, peaking at days 7-10.”

insert sad face here. /:

We are traveling to Moab, Utah on Friday to race Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon on Saturday.. which is right around that 7-10 day thing.

He then proceeded to tell me there was nothing he could prescribe, just to take mucinex, push the fluids & get lots of rest.

I asked him about running before the race to which he replied, “As a doctor, I recommend that you don’t. It’s just going to irritate everything. As a runner, maybe 1-2 miles max to keep the legs fresh.” I’m glad my doctor is apparently fluent in speaking “runner brain”.

He then decided to go ahead and share the following with me, “I’m not sure if you are trying to qualify for something or hit any certain goal… but if it requires a hard effort, be prepared to maybe not hit that goal at this race…”

I’m pretty bummed that I’m not going to be healthy for this race. I’m still racing, but have no idea what to expect.  In that case, since I don’t know what to expect, I don’t want to underestimate what I could still possibly be capable of pulling off…

Canyonlands 1/2 Goals:

a : sub 1:40

b : 1:45 (my PR is 1:41:29, but i feel like if i can’t pull off a 1:40.. then i most likely won’t be PR’ing either) (gotta stay realistic!)

c : give it my personal best for the day, don’t fall, get lost or stub my toe. ; ) put that goal together thanks to some of my amazing runner friends! thanks guys!

This was supposed to be a good measure of where I’m at in my training for Colorado Marathon. Guess it won’t be too accurate this weekend. Like I’ve mentioned before, this training cycle is definitely giving me some attitude… it goes something like this…. “Oooooh girllll… this ain’t Burger King, you can’t have it yo’ way!” **double finger snap** …pretty much…. sick, avoiding injury, wind…weather.. yuck! At this point I kind of feel like my marathon training has turned into  The Hunger Games. It’s like a constant battle trying to get in a good run, more specifically long run. Like somebody is totally screwing with me. Can’t a gal catch a break?! (ps: if you haven’t read the books. DO IT!)

So, until the 1/2 on Saturday game plan… rest. water. mucinex.

On an exciting note, we got our Runner’s Roost Team kits this past weekend! On Saturday morning Luke and I joined some other team mates as we packed them all together for distribution! Since we were already there we were able to take ours home! I absolutely love them! Thanks so much to Runners Roost && Nike, they look great!

So, running might not exactly be going my way lately… but I’m still more excited than ever about it! I’m very lucky to have such great friends && to be apart of such an amazing team to offer advice && encouraging words along the way!

10 thoughts on “my marathon training is turning into the hunger games :: got our runners roost kits!

  1. Way to stay positive even when everything isn’t going the way you want. That says a lot about where you are mentally as an athlete. Good luck this weekend and remember to rest lots!

  2. Agree with Rochelle! Way to stay positive! And you know – not every training cycle can go perfect….life (sickness, what not happens) so it’s still a good test for you, your body and your ability! Hope with all your rest, mucinex and liquids you feel WAY better come Saturday!

  3. “Oooooh girllll… this ain’t Burger King, you can’t have it yo’ way!” **double finger snap** HAHAHAHA this made me LOL you’re too funny!! I hope you get better soon! Do you take vitamins? Seems like you’re sick often. Good Luck Saturday, I’m sure you’ll have a great race regardless! :D xoxo

    • HAHAHA. I’m glad you liked that! But srsly, I really feel that’s how this training cycle is going! You know… I did take vitamins daily while training for Portland and now I seem to only take them when I get sick… which really doesn’t do me any good. Oops. Need to get those on a regular schedule for sure. Thanks so much Lo! Miss you millions!

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