i voted for these running blogs && you should too! :) :)

I was SUPER excited to see a few of my favorite blogs up for the same award by Fitness Magazine! Naturally, I couldn’t just vote for one, so I voted for all three!

Dorothy over at Mile Posts!

She recently won the B & A Marathon running a 3:11:26! Did I mention that was also marathon number 19 for her! Balancing family life as a mama of 3, running, reviews, making a spotlight for other runners on her blog– she doesn’t miss a beat! Plus, I think she has this 7th sense & knows JUST when to send the perfect email! 

vote here.

Michele over at NYC
Running Mama

Marathoner, Ultra Runner, & currently training for her first Ironman, Michele is one tough cookie! Reviews, race reports, giveaways, running with family– she covers it all! A very motivating & encouraging gal!

vote here.

Jessica of Running, Life && other random adventures…

This is one of the first running blogs I ever started reading! This gal is racing EVERY weekend! I love reading her race reports at the beginning of every week! On a mission for a 3:30 marathon this year. spoiler alert: she’s gonna do it y’all! Not only does she cover racing & running, but all sorts of different cross training. I think football is one of them!

vote here.

Only takes a few minutes to vote!

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