finding balance. taking a break from the running.

It’s been said that most athletes perform the best when they have balance in their lives. I’ve read a couple of blogs on how “balance is key” blah blah blah. When really, these same blogs that talk about “balance” blog about the same thing/topic/subject multiple times a day. Is that really balanced? Unless it is actually your job it seems a little more obsessive to me… I apologize if this offends anybody that might be reading this… it’s just my personal opinion.

I can KIND OF throw myself in this category when it comes to blogging about running. I tend to do it a lot. I absolutely LOVE blogging & I LOVE running, but sometimes I find myself in a “wow, that was awesome, but ugh blogging about it seems so dang tedious.” You know, maybe because I write exactly how I speak… so maybe it just takes me longer to whip out a post? Or I feel like I need to add pictures to all of them… because really, who likes blogs without pictures? COME ON, BE HONEST!

I guess that’s why I did away with my dailymile and opted to keep my training stuff private? I realized the “whole world” didn’t need to know how went. Then I decided just to do some weekly recaps instead, to keep those up to date who cared.  Now, unless I have a dynamite tempo run, or a race… I really don’t have that dire urge to share it anymore. Why is that? 

Yea. I took a week off to avoid an injury, I had a great race this past weekend, maybe had to ditch out on my tempo run at mile 5 of  10 due to an extremely pissed GI system tonight… training this time around is definitely having it’s ups && downs. However, I don’t think this has anything to do with it.

That being said, I think I’m going to give the whole “running” on the blog thing a break. The past two days I’ve blogged about things totally unrelated to running.. && I LOVED IT! It was quick and fun! No splits.. graphs.. etc. Just fun little things I enjoyed writing about

I think if anything it will HELP me as a blogger. Help me expand the topics I write about. So, not sure what’s coming up… all I can tell you is it will be a little less running.  Hoping this will help balance things out a little bit!

**side note** I’m not cutting back my ACTUAL running in any way shape or form… just writing about it a little less.

Run bloggers– do you ever get that “I’m sick of writing about running?” Do you enjoy blogging about other things?  How do you balance out your blog?

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11 thoughts on “finding balance. taking a break from the running.

  1. Yes. This is precisely why I hardly blog anymore. I simply don’t have that much to say about running on a daily basis… it’s really, truly not that interesting to others. I generally just stick to race reports now, and that’s fine with me. I’d rather have some level of quality content than just a bunch of words filling up space. But that’s just me. :)

  2. i havent blogged about triathlon since ironman. I think you should blog about whatever makes you happy and whatever you are feeling at the time. Just dont blog about the oatmeal you ate for breakfast…i hate that.

  3. I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel like I can only write “I ran this far” or “I swam this far” or “I rode this far” so many times without feeling like a chump. And a broken record.

    Love Lauren’s comment! A few times, I’ve blogged about the oatmeal I ate for breakfast, and then thought, “Really, REALLY? It’s OATMEAL, Rachel. That is NOT quality blog content. No one cares!”

  4. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling a little bit lately. I’ve always enjoyed that you include other aspects of your life in your blog, but it’s also your blog so you have free reign to do that all you want! Which is kind of the nice thing! It’s your’s to make what you want of it!

  5. My theory is its my blog and I will do with it as I please. It is mostly running because that is what I love but I throw some other random things in there when I can so people know I have a life outside of running. I do notice that sometimes my biggest blog hits are the non running ones. I say blog about what you want and when you want.
    and I know the feeling about not feeling like blogging or having to find pictures. it is true, people like pictures. Sometimes I start a blog post but don’t publish it for a while, just save it there for a time when i am less busy

  6. I go through this from time to time too! Sometimes I’m just like – WHO CARES. I ran 6 miles. Big deal… haha
    Write about what you want – it’s your blog :)

  7. The only daily workout updates I really find interesting are from elite runners. I find it very motivating and fascinating to see what they do to become who they are (in the running world). Plus, I love to learn about new types of workouts. Otherwise, I agree, a weekly recap and race reports seem sufficient – and of course the occasional hilarious or crazy running mishap :) Love your blog C – fun to read about the other things you’re interested in!

  8. Sometimes I think the same thing “why the hell would anyone want to read about my 6 mile run where the most exciting thing that happened was being irritated by my water bottle?” Which is exactly why my friends and I started our running blog. A specific place to keep logs of miles and other details.

  9. blog from your heart – if it’s not feeling running, we still want to see what’s going on in your life – i like that you write how you talk because i can hear you saying it when i read! i like your running posts but i also like your posts about other facets of your life.

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