fab, fit & flexible in february!

January was a BUSY month for us, it flew by!  I set a FEW goals for myself.

Running & Fitness

hey, those 2.6 lbs took some work!

Everything Fun:

  • Read a book every week. Bahaha. I have to call this a success because I read 3 books. Which is A LOT for me. Considering it took me like 6 stinkin’ months to read the last book I read. I read the The Hunger Games series. PUMPED FOR THE MOVIE. Book one was THE BEST (to me) book two was my least favorite. 
  • Photo a day challenge. Success!

As far as mileage goes I hit 170 miles for the month!

Hello February

Running & Fitness

  • Run my first sub 7 minute mile. No no no. Not just like hop on the treadmill and run it… pretty positive I can do that. But do it during the middle of a track work out.
  • Set up an appointment and get in a session with the personal trainer. Then actually DO the workouts he gives us twice a week.
  • Yoga twice a week.
  • Race weight 128.

*side note* the whole me hitting race weight BEFORE the race actually gets here is kind of a big deal because I have to get my wedding dress taken in/altered, so I want to be as close as humanly possible. our wedding is two weeks after colorado marathon.  i’d def like to pass on the “it doesn’t fit” dress melt downs.


  • Month long skin challenge! Thanks to Laura’s suggestion I recently purchased a bottle of Philosphy’s “turbo booster c powder”! I’ve used it a few times & can definitely see a difference already. However, with this once a day and exfoliating twice a week, I’m quite hopeful my skin could literally GLOW by the end of the month. fyi: my face is NOT a fan of the Colorado elements! So, we’ll see how that goes!


my fresh face revealing some mega unhappy skin!

Everything Fun:

  • Do ONE DIY project && no, it will not be wedding related. ; )

What goal of your own are you most excited about meeting for February?


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5 thoughts on “fab, fit & flexible in february!

  1. okay so what is this skin challenge? what are you trying to remedy? i’m curious because my skin has been really dry (duh, snow + dry CO air) and i switched moisturizers and am not digging it. so if you’re liking a dry skin deal, let me knwo!

    • SO my skin challenge is to apply Philosphy’s vitamin c powder to my face every day.. and to exfoliate twice a week. doesn’t seem that hard right? Actually, it is to fix my dry skin and to help even everything out. I’m still breaking out, but I’m noticing my skin isn’t as dry and skin looks healthier.. does that make sense? I swear I break out with ALL moisturizers… so I just mix it into my make up.

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