i found THE DRESS!!! :D

After my 3 miles on Saturday morning one of my bridesmaids, Heather (Luke’s sister) && Momma JC (Luke’s mom) came over! Mission : mimosa’s && wedding dresses!!! We headed over to Mimi’s Cafe where we had a light brunch && mimosa’s! Apparently with their mimosa’s they give you your own personal mini champagne bottle! No weak mimosa’s here! This was the first time I’ve actually gotten to spend time with Heather && Momma J.C. alone. Usually I’m accompanied by Luke, but it was nice to just have girl talk time! **side note** yes, Luke asked if he could go to brunch– sorry babe, LADIES ONLY! :)

We had two appointments at two different places scheduled that day. After brunch we headed to the first place where we met up with one of my other bridesmaids, Danelle! I was SO thrilled that the three of them were going to help me pick out a dress! First place : David’s Bridal.

**side note** So, I’ve always had this super stuck up && snotty opinion that David’s Bridal is like the WAL-MART of wedding dress stores. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. I don’t have the patience for it. I certainly don’t want a Wal-Mart version of wedding dresses. It’s funny, before you start planning your wedding you think you have ALL these ideas && standards on the way you want things. What you want. What you don’t want, etc. Truth:: that ALL changes the minute you start planning. After browsing through a few online catalogs, I caved and decided FINE, I’ll at least LOOK. I was shocked when I actually liked a few of the dresses they had online. I then decided to just give it a shot, if I didn’t like what they had– well I had set up a second appointment elsewhere to look forward to!

Danelle, Heather, Momma JC && myself walked into David’s Bridal where we were greeted by a super friendly receptionist! I guess I was nervous, or maybe it was the mimosa, because I drew a complete blank when the lady asked me how many bridesmaids I had. I looked at Danelle && Heather with a super confused look on my face. They laughed and answered for me. While filling out paperwork, I also put down my e-mail address when asked for my mailing address. Oops! Nerves!

I apologize in advance if this post isn’t very descriptive… this really FLEW by for me.

We all looked and combed through the dresses before my consultant to us back to the fitting area! It was then she pulled me away from everyone else and we went over the ideas I had in mind or my “vision”. She took my measurements and then took me to look at dresses just the two of us! We ended up coming back with quite a few dresses. I loved them all for one reason or another and even picked a wild card! The two I had seen online ended up being my least favorite! I felt like one was too white, the other looked too “destination wedding”. There was one I liked but didn’t love. One was WAYYY to white & made of super shiny satin. One 40’s dated dress that I LOVED, then there was the wild card. Which I saved for last. My wild card was  glitzy, glammy, && poofy with the most BEAUTIFUL neckline. I loved that one too! When I had the wild card on, my consultant put a long veil on my head. I guess this is when it hit me and I could feel tears in my eyes.

IT’S REAL YOU GUYS! I pictured the way my dad would look at me when he saw me, the way Luke would look at me. Imagined what my mom and sister would say if they were there to see me at that exact moment. I tried and was successful at keeping the tears in…besides like one or two. So I was torn, between the dress I loved and the wild card that I loved. At this point Danelle had to leave– she’s a busy momma/wifey/lady! She told me that I looked beautiful and she was positive she knew which dress I would pick! I was pretty sure too!

As soon as she left, the girl in the fitting room next to me walked out of her fitting room. My eyes grew SUPER wide. OMG, THAT’S IT! That’s MY dress, I want that one! I know it’s the one! Earlier, my wedding dress wizard had mentioned that both of us had the exact same taste! The dress I loved and the wild card no longer mattered. I stood there and stared at her. She did look pretty, but you could tell by her face that it wasn’t the dress for her.

I stood there… Turning thoughts over in my head… “Is there an I Want Your Dress You Are Trying On etiquette manual?” “Is that stealing somebody else’s dress” “Am I going to be THAT girl”. My consultant looked at me, I then asked that if she decided she didn’t want that dress if I could try it on. She said, “Girl, you can try on whatever you want, things can always be ordered if need be!” YAY! What happened next was pretty entertaining… the girl next to me then tried on MY dress! We switched! She was going for a certain era for her wedding, so it ended up not being the dress for her either. Although, if she picked the dress I think she did, it will be PERFECT for what she’s going for.

I put the dress on and came out of the fitting room to show Heather && Momma JC. They gave me the “It looks beautiful” look and then smiled reallllll big! The first thing BOTH of them said “Now, THAT is a Courtney dress!” AHHHHH!!!! :D :D I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. That was it, I knew it! I LOVED it, it was perfect! I knew I wasn’t going to be trying on anymore dresses. I’m not sure how long we were there… the time flew by … at least for me it did!

We purchased the dress! I called and canceled the second appointment we had set up at a boutique in The Highlands, just north of Denver. I was hoping Holly wouldn’t be mad that I found my dress at the first place! She was supposed to meet us at the second one… I don’t think she was too upset :)

I feel pretty lucky to have found my dress so quickly! I know some some of these bridal shows on TV make finding the dress look SO HARD. cou*BRIDEZILLAS-TO-BE*gh.

I have to take it back for alterations. My consultant suggested to bring it back in December to have them done. I then said..

me-“Well, I’ll probably be 5-7 pounds smaller than I am now by February.. so I’d probably have to have it altered again or should I just have it altered closer to the wedding?”

consultant: “Lighter…than….now?”

me-“Yea, I have a marathon two weeks before my wedding.”

consultant…*insert a “you’re crazy” look here*….

fun fact:: I was super nervous about what would happen with my weight in May after my marathon. Like an “OMG!!! Will I have my dress altered before the race && then not be able to fit in it?!” I’ve easily maintained my race weight since Portland, which was just over two weeks ago… so yayyy!! Good to know I don’t rack up the pounds even with ridiculously low mileage! *whew*

So that was my wedding dress experience! I was SO happy to have Heather, Danelle && Momma JC there! I would have given ANYTHING for my mom and sister to have been there. However the three of them made my “find the dress day” just as special!

I was DEFINITELY wrong about David’s Bridal being a “Wal-Mart” of wedding dresses. They have a great selection of dresses to choose from and something for everybody, no matter what your wallet might look like. They also have some great package plans set up and work with other retailers to help you pull all the details of your wedding together!

a few things:

We have the bridesmaid dresses picked out!

Save the Dates– FINALLY, we have gotten some super ADORABLE ideas! We hope to have them out within the next two weeks!

fun fact:

While writing this blog post I couldn’t think of the word “consultant” for the life of me. So originally “consultant” was “wedding dress wizard” : D

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16 thoughts on “i found THE DRESS!!! :D

  1. i felt the EXACT same way. David’s bridal was my LAST stop after a full day of dress shopping…my dress ended up being 200 dollars…before that the dress I wanted was 2000 bucks!!! glad you got what you wanted.

  2. Aww, I totally teared up during that! What an exciting day! All the pieces just keep falling in to place for you! I love it and I totally want to see the STD :) When you have those done! Haha STD is my favorite wedding acronym, are you going to kill me for putting that in your blog post?

  3. Yes, I was PISSED you found your dream wedding dress!

    I totally felt the same way about David’s Bridal and didn’t even go in, actually. Luckily, I found something great in a boutique at a price I could afford. We did rent the tux’s through Men’s Warehouse which works directly w/ DB, SO I would recommend looking there for the boys’ tuxes!

  4. I wanna see what this dress looks like!!! (In suspense) I’m sure it’s beautiful and you will look marvelous in it. Time flies when you’re planning for something so big & special!! xoxo

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