pre silver rush 50 thoughts…

Oh man. Well here I am. 5 days out from Silver Rush 50 and surprisingly there aren’t a million thoughts rushing through my brain like there were last year at my first 50 mile attempt at Mt. Hood 50 in Oregon. I was signed up for Silver Rush 50 2 summers ago and wasn’t able to start due to injury that kept me out of running entirely for a couple of months. 3rd time’s the charm?

I find myself kind of wanting to spill my guts a little beforehand. You know, in case I die at attempting to finish this thing. A friend asked me if I was ready for the race this weekend, and that was the first time this summer a light bulb went off in my head and I realized… OH YEA! I guess this is a race, huh?

To be entirely honest about Mt. Hood 50 last summer, I felt like I could not have asked for a more solid training cycle and some pretty great (for me) races going into it. I even have the weekly training recaps like a good little running blogger.  With those things I also went into Mt. Hood 50 with a race mentality. It wasn’t about just finishing… I wanted to finish and I wanted to do WELL. I went out eager and pretty aggressive – which I felt was an effort I  was more than capable of that day. Unfortunately, when I discovered early on at Mt. Hood 50 that I was having a bad day and felt like I had about 10 rugs pulled out from under me – I lost my shit and mentally checked out. “No thanks. I worked too hard to settle for a crappy day and a horrible first 50 mile experience. Not interested.” Say or think what you will, but that’s the story. Sure, you could say mentally I got a little cocky and it came back to slap me in my face. To this day I still have no regrets about dropping. My finish line was just 28 miles that day, and that’s okay. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone and don’t need an ACTUAL finish line anymore to feel good about myself OR let not making it to an actual finish line let me feel bad about myself. No, that last (most likely run-on) sentence isn’t meant to sound pretentious or imply that I call it quits, don’t know “how to embrace the suck.” or is even against those who choose to stick it out when having a horrible, no good, very bad day. It’s just who I am. The sun will rise again, and there will be another race.

Want to know what the best part of that race was? My Uncle Sam standing there at mile 28 to greet me with the words, “You’re f&@#&ing crazy, you know that – right? Let’s go get some grub.”



Well golly, that’s a whole lot of words letting you know how I ultimately feel about what happened a year ago.

Moving on.

So let me just set the scene for you going into Silver Rush this year. It is ENTIRELY different than it was last summer.

I haven’t had the best races this summer.

I haven’t been obsessively updating my blog with training, gear and fuel updates.

My training started strong and fizzled like someone threw a bucket of water over a fire thanks to some personal issues that came up.

Luckily, I had a moment of clarity long enough to finally do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and hired a coach. I’ve only been working with her for 2 months and I feel like ultimately she salvaged my training and has been getting me back on track. I’m so grateful for her and the guidance she provides. More on that topic later…

What I’m trying to get at… I don’t know what’s going to happen on Sunday AND THAT IS GREAT. I guess I know a few things. I know that I LOVE running in Leadville and I plan on running there for at least 1/2 a day this weekend. I know that keeping my calories, electrolytes and fluids separate works best for me. I know that taking music along as an option if I need it is pretty helpful. I know that I WILL bring a jacket because Colorado weather is crazy. I know that there will be friends, Runners Roost teammates and my dog Oliver at a couple of the aide stations. So really.. what else do I need to know?!

Some people I know create race day mantras for themselves. The one I’ve decided one probably isn’t inspiring to most, but I like it.

“You’re f&#ing crazy, you know that – right?”

I think everyone has to get a little crazy to get these things done.

Can’t wait to see ya, Leadville!