moving forward…

During the “process” mentioned in a previous post I came to realize a few things.

I realized that whenever things don’t go right for me on one side of the sport of running – example: trail running. I tend to try to go seek solace on the other side: road running. Or vice versa. I deal with the disappointment, pin point my problem(s) and then run in the complete opposite direction from it and put it on the back burner until I’m ready to give it another go.

Just like last summer, I found myself tossing around the idea of running a road marathon at the beginning of next year.

Then I realized that if what I need is the higher altitude… that¬†embracing or trying new sports that allow me to train in the high country year round ¬†is what I need more than a road marathon that will do absolutely nothing for me in the high country next summer…

I took this photo on a jaunt up Fish Creek Falls this past weekend in Steamboat. The wild flowers of summer are starting to fade and the leaves are beginning to turn. New winter adventures are just around the corner!